Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - Impact RadiusThe Impact Radius performance marketing platform allows an affiliate program management team to launch a direct program for their brand(s). The team at Impact Radius has created an extremely robust network for managing affiliate programs. The group of affiliates familiar with Impact Radius is smaller than some of the larger networks but its publishers have been impressed with the capabilities. Impact Radius provides all the key benefits of a standard affiliate network platform, mainly tracking software, media management and accounting. Plus you get the added benefit of an industry leading coupon tool.  This tool allows affiliate to grab a coupon code provided in the network, without the tracking code, and place it on their site.  With a minor pixel change to the advertiser’s sales confirmation page, each sale with the use of the coupon will be credited to the appropriate affiliate.  Affiliates have been excited about this feature because it takes the tracking code work out of affiliate marketing.  Affiliate program managers can now easily integrate their program with social media affiliates who rely on the propagation of offers throughout the social platforms (where tracking code isn’t ideal).

Impact Radius Affiliate Marketing Program Network - Screenshot

Impact Radius has also created a universal pixel tracking solution that allows advertisers and agencies to conditionally write each network pixel when an affiliate program is launched in multiple networks.  Here’s how this works. Let’s assume that has an affiliate program in LinkShare and Commission Junction (CJ).  If a customer were to click on an ad from a LinkShare publisher, leave, and then click on an ad from a CJ affiliate then two cookies would be placed on their browser.  Without the use of a universal pixel the advertiser would need to fire both LinkShare’s pixel and CJ’s pixel on the sales confirmation page.  This would result in commissions to the affiliates in each network – hence a duplicate payout.  Impact Radius’ pixel manages all of this and only fires the pixel for the affiliate that had their cookie set last.  Basically the affiliate that set the last cookie wins.  Only one commission is issued to the appropriate affiliate.  When providing affiliate program management Versa Marketing has ran across many instances in which advertiser’s where unknowingly paying out thousands in duplicate commissions.  This pixel technology solves the problem and saves advertiser’s money. Affiliate program managers like Impact Radius for direct programs because the network fee structure can result in lower costs. Most networks charge the advertisers a percentage of the affiliate sales or percentage of the affiliate’s commissions.  These typically range from 2.5% - 3% and 20% - 30% respectively.  Impact Radius doesn’t change this fee if an affiliate was recruited directly to the affiliate program by the affiliate management team.  This fee is another benefit that is attracting advertisers and agencies to launch a direct affiliate program through Impact Radius. When launching a program in Impact Radius it’s important that advertisers have the appropriate affiliate program management resources in place to directly recruit publishers.  Recruiting affiliates outside the network is essential for growing a program in this network.  When launching your first or next affiliate program we invite your take a look at the Impact Radius network.