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Affiliate marketing alone? Don’t sail without a map! Here’s everything you need to know

June 2, 2016

Setting off on any new adventure feels amazing, right?

Setting off to add a new sales channel to your business without the time, resources or guidance? Well, that’s more like terrifying.

Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.

If you’re not a top affiliate marketing agency or a trained affiliate marketing professional, navigating the affiliate marketing space can feel like sailing to revenue island without a map.

That is, you might get close, but you’ll probably just row in circles for months before you actually find land (or give up trying!).

That sort of risk isn’t a great idea when you’re in the middle of the ocean, and it certainly isn’t a good idea when your business is mid-flight.

To really appreciate what this journey is like, let’s take a step back and figure out which resources are required for running a successful affiliate program,outsourced affiliate program management.

Managing an affiliate marketing program requires a completely different skill-set than any other marketing campaign.

Overseeing an effective program requires attracting, vetting, monitoring and communicating with affiliates or affiliate networks. These can comprise thousands upon thousands of people of varying (and sometimes dubious) intentions, so unlike most marketing, you have to be good at spotting scam artists and hiring people.

Once you have your affiliates set, running a successful program also takes up a lot of time. You’ll need someone to field requests for banner changes, monitor and pay their commissions, keep an eye out for fraud, and create reports. In this way, you’ve become a full-blown product manager, and pretty far from your marketing sweet-spot.

For a small business, this can become overwhelming, to say the least.

Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the fence. If you choose to work with an affiliate marketing agency, we can handle the entire sales channel for you. We recruit networks, vet applications, monitor progress, update media, send detailed reports, and more. Our systems are effective, so you get the best ROI you can (without the stress), and best of all, we’ve been doing it for years and already have that oh-so treasured map!

So, when you’re hopping into a boat to sail off to revenue island via affiliate marketing, affiliate management agency don’t go it without a map! Instead, join us for a first class, direct flight. It’s much faster and arrival at the destination is much more certain.

If you’re ready to discover the world of affiliate marketing and add a new revenue stream to your growing business, call us today at 1.800.940.8780 for a free consultation!

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