Acne Skincare Company, with products for the whole body, has their affiliate marketing program is in ShareASale. Just about everyone has experienced the unwelcome blemish on their face, but acne can present itself all over your body. It’s fairly common but rarely talked about. Exposed Skincare has created a body wash to help. Gentle and exfoliating, the Exposed Body Wash was designed to help clear your body of acne. It combines advanced acne medicine with pure natural extracts. The acne medicine works hard to clear your skin and the natural extracts help soothe and protect from over-drying. And, it’s free from sulfates and parabens. Getting rid of body acne can be more challenging because these areas often have thicker skin and larger pores, making it easier to get clogged and harder to get clean. These areas are also often clothed, which creates an environment where your skin is constantly in contact with the oil it produces. Treating it with a good cleanser and making sure you sheets and clothes are clean helps to clear-out acne causing bacteria. Exposed guarantees clearer skin in 30 days! If you're struggling with body acne, the Exposed Body Wash may be just what you're looking for. Affiliates in ShareASale earn a 15% commission with a 45 day cookie, and for the month of November have a great coupon exclusively for affiliates. Exposed Skincare also has a direct program available to selected affiliates. All skincare, beauty, acne and health related affiliates are encouraged to apply today! Here is more information about Versa as an Affiliate Marketing Company.