Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management - Successful Beginner PhotoHere are a few tips on affiliate marketing programs for beginners that will get you started making money promoting a website. A person or company that promotes another website is known as an affiliate publisher or simply as an affiliate. Beginners should know that it is pretty simple to get started. First, join a network. CJ and Google Affiliate Network are two of the easiest to get started with. Next, pick a program that has a product or service that interests you. Then simply just grab an affiliate tracking link and put it on your website, email, blog, or where ever you choose. Copy the link and paste it into the HTML of your website or other internet based promotion. You are now marketing an affiliate program! Remember, everyone is a beginner before becoming an expert. You're no different. Keep New Years resolutions alive and start something new this year by starting to earn money through affiliate marketing!