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Nite Ize Affiliate Program in Commission Junction and AvantLink

March 21, 2014

New for the Nite Ize affiliate program, the Inova STS Headlamp is the first ever multi-mode, dual LED color, waterproof headlamp. This headlamp makes brilliant hands free illumination easy, versatile and comfortable. It features simple access to multiple modes – all with a swipe of your finger. The lightweight body, high quality woven head-strap and waterproof construction make the INOVA STS Headlamp an indispensable lighting tool anywhere high quality hands-free illumination is needed. Take one on your next outdoor adventure and make sure you have one in an emergency kit as well as in your tool box.
Nite Ize is known for their flashlights but they also manufacture a wide range of innovative products serving a variety of customers and their needs. Product categories include LED runner safety, bicycle lights, phone cases, camping accessories and LED pet accessories.
Nite Ize manages their affiliate program in the Commission Junction and AvantLink networks through Versa Marketing Inc. Affiliate partners receive 12% commission, a 90 day referral and exclusive promotions. The Datafeed can be accessed in Commission Junction or AvantLink. All affiliates are encouraged to join the Nite Ize program.

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