Henley E-Cigs Affiliate Program Live in ShareaSale

The electronic cigarette is on the rise as the new tobacco smoking alternative. One company that has begun making its mark in the e-cig industry is Henley. They carry disposable and rechargeable vapor cigarettes. These e-cigs come in several different flavors and can be purchased in packs of three or more. Henley is led by a diverse team of experts who believe in three things:

  1. Delivering the most authentic and enjoyable smoke-less experience possible.
  2. Producing and marketing a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.
  3. Enabling consumers to live life to the fullest – without the smoke, odor or stigma.

With a technologically advanced and exceptional line of electronic cigarette products, great draw, big flavor, and a generous release of vapor are all part of the Henley experience. Henley premium vapor cigarettes deliver an experience more like traditional tobacco smoking than anything else on the market. Their Deluxe Starter Kit is a state-of-the-art rechargeable electronic cigarette. It features the industry’s sleekest, most technologically-advanced Personal Charging Case (PCC). It fits in your jean pocket and charges your e-cig AND your mobile phone on the go.

When it comes to affiliate program management, Henley will be working with Versa Marketing Inc. and running it’s program in ShareaSale. Currently, recruitment is heavily concentrate don e-cig review and information sites. With new e-cig companies and affiliate programs on the rise, it will be important to push Henley ahead of its competition. The Henley affiliate program offers a 20% commission and valuable coupons.